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Parenting: Dad dad daddy dad dad...

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

They're all different men, from different generations, different backgrounds, and, even, have different values. Yet, the following singers/ song writers all have one point in common: they know the positive importance of fatherhood! As I just edited an anthology of poetry dedicated to fathers and fatherhood, I was thinking... Why not sharing my favourite songs about what it means to be a dad? Those of you following me on social medias might be surprised (he's listening to country music!? He likes a few hip hop songs!?? He didn't rank Iron Maiden as Number One!!!???!!!) but eh! If music is subjective, it doesn't mean it can't have a universal appeal beyond any defined genre! Enjoy :-)

5- 'Song for Dad' by Keith Urban

I don't usually listen to country music, yet there are songs so simple, so open, and so heartfelt in their bluntly honest way to lay things as they are that they just get at you! 'Song for Dad' is one of them. Sure, 'Song for Dad' is easy to dismiss for being cheesy and corny! But isn't there something touching about a man simply being grateful to his father, to whom he looks like more than physically, but, also, in his body language and ways of talking? What about that for picking up on a role model! Simple lyrics, but do you need to be complicated to express gratitude?

4- 'Watching You' by Rodney Atkins

Country again! But come on, here's a funny and quirky song yet with a serious message to heed: as a parent, beware the type of behaviour you display! You can make a massive impact indeed, as illustrated here from the bafflements of a dad facing his mimicking little boy. Leaving a legacy is first and foremost about responsibility, bear that in mind. It's fun. It's touching. It's clever. And, oh! The official video clip features Rodney Atkins with his real life son, Elijah, 4 at the time. I don't know about you, but I personally find that pretty badass and inspiring! Honestly, if you don't crack a smile listening to this song... well, you're a sad old sod! Lol!

3- 'Hailie's Song' by Eminem

One of Eminem's best tubes, the irony is that it wasn't even meant to be released! Story has it that Dr Dre played it to friends, who liked it so much that Eminem, who first intended it to be private, was ultimately convinced to include it on his album to come at the time, 'The Eminem Show'. Here's a catchy song with no pretention whatsoever, where the rapper just burst out of joy after winning custody of his daughter (7 at the time) following an exhausting battle in family courts. Now, personally, as much as I would love to call it inspiring for all dads/ parents out there who are fighting or had to fight such ordeal too (I have been there, and, oh boy! How I FEEL his joy!) there's a stain I can't ignore: Eminem was then as toxic as his ex, and here's was a conclusion of one of these tragedies too often playing out in family courts from parents who should know better. Beyond the personal story of this one couple, though, the resounding feeling remains: 'I'm happy, yeah, I'm happy, I got my baby back'. It's an euphoric feeling indeed, and every parent who has been there will definitely relate!

2- 'Blood Brothers' by Iron Maiden

Dramatic vocals, epic guitar solos, enthralling chorus, and a galloping rhythm, 'Blood Brothers' is a typical Iron Maiden's song! Written by Steve Harris (bassist and core founding member) following the death of his dad, here's more than a simple tribute to a father from a son, though. It starts as such, but then delves into something deeper, a powerful reflection about generations passing by, filled in by the memories of those that preceded them in a world that goes on, 'in dismay' and 'war-torn'. 'Blood Brothers' is a profound glimpse at time and what we all do with it, served by the typical in-your-face sound of these Heavy Metal giants. Up the Irons!

1- 'Lettre' by Shurik'n

Shurik'n is a leading figure of the French Hip Hop scene, those fame originated from having fronted Iam back in the days (probably one of the most widely known French hip hop band besides NTM...). A poet at heart, here's 'a letter' from a sick grandad, having to leave his family because of his illness, giving lessons on manhood to his very young grandson. Choked full of emotions, this letter is skill-fully crafted for embracing three different generations of men, telling of immigration, the struggles of a blue-collar upbringing, hardworking ethos to provide for loved families, and a revealing of how vulnerable men can be under the mask of tough/toxic masculinity. In fact, it's as much about stoicism and resilience than it is about respect and a nurturing attitude, Shurik'n having a masterful ways to put in writing what many fathers feel, but were taught to bottle up and don't voice. It's in French, but you don't have to understand French to feel how heartfelt is his delivery of such moving lyrics! Enjoy.

Thanks for reading, and, if you're interested in fathers, fathers' rights, and issues related to parenting, please feel free to subscribe here!

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