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Around 'A Vow': LD, Autism, and Love!

Updated: Jan 23

Do you believe love and friendship to be worthy causes?

Happily Dating is a family run project based in London, and helping people with learning disabilities and/ or autism to find love and friendships. You may have heard of them -they featured in the UK TV show 'The Undateables' on Channel 4. Now, why am I blogging about Happily Dating?! Well, because I'm proud to support them!

In fact, I donate proceeds from my poetry book 'A Vow -A Collection of Love Poems' to this worthy and needed project; a project I first heard of through my job as a Care Support Worker for people with learning disabilities. Here's Helena, the mastermind behind it all, about how Happily Dating came to be:

'The idea of Happily was born from my own lived experience helping my younger sister who has learning disabilities to find love and friendship. I launched Happily because there were no services providing accessible, safe, and affordable solutions that succeed in supporting adults with learning disabilities to form friendships and relationships.

Our family run project is completely unique and our aim is to positively change people's lives by providing opportunities for our members to connect and grow in confidence. There are some wonderful stories where members have found love, gone on holidays together, met each others' families and built solid friendships through Happily.'

And indeed! Contrary to a strong held prejudice which refuses to die, people with learning disabilities, autism especially, are not happy loners uninterested in relationships! They too can yearn and crave for the passionate feelings coming with being in love, and they too deserve to blossom through meaningful relationships as we all do! Their conditions, impacting their social skills, can be a challenge. Thanks Happily Dating to offer them some support!

So, do you believe love and friendships to be worthy causes? Like Happily Dating, I for one surely do! I'm proud to donate them my proceeds from 'A Vow -A Collection of Love Poems'. Feel free to support too: get a copy of 'A Vow'!!

Thanks, and cheers to love!

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