Love and lust.
In sickness and in health.
A Vow is a whimsy collection of love poems,
embracing from the sweet and cheeky
to the bold and sexy.

 'Raw, unique, supreme... each line is a fired bullet, strong and bereft of pretension.' 

- M. AIT ALI, author of A Translation from Silence Uproar

'... a brilliant poet... a must read for all poetry lovers and firm believers of love.'

- VATSALA RADHAKESOON, author of Whirls the Colours

'... passion, desire and beauty... sensual yet pure expressions of love...'

- KIMELENE CARR, author of Ile de Contes… the story before the 'ever after'

'...poetry at its finest...'

- EDENTU OROSO, author of Richer than Pride - An Ode to Womanhood